Tim Leberecht hat ein Buch geschrieben. Es heisst “The business romatic”. Es versöhnt ein wenig mit dem Analytics- und Algorythmusgetriebenen getriebenen Marketing, dass noch einige Zeit, aber m. E. nicht mehr allzulange das Marketing bestimmen wird. Zumidnest nicht mehr so überbordend und erdrückend und selbstüberzeugt wie jetzt. Hier ein Kurzfassung inder der er so Sätze schreibt wie diese hier.

“Now, a few years into this brave new smart world, we’re slowly beginning to realize what we are losing in all that incessant chatter, with corporate conversationalists on either end. When everything that’s said is recorded and exploited, when everything’s explicit, rehashed, and hash-tagged, we lose a sense of aura, exclusivity, and elation. When everything is predictable and automated, we abandon the thrill of strangeness outside of our “filter bubbles,” of unfamiliar experiences that have the potential to disrupt our daily lives and grant them an awesome shock of meaning.

This new demand for meaning has dramatic effects on the economy of attention that constitutes the marketing arena. We like convenience and comfort, but we love brands that offer us unexpected beauty and friction. We look for rebels who interrupt our routines and offer us not just purpose and personalization, but a heavy dose of punch-drunk love. We want experiences that are unique and precious; experiences that can’t be scaled and must not be optimized either. In other words, we want romance, the ultimate insurgent in a regime of maximizers and optimizers.”

Reinlesen lohnt sich also.

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